Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Well the first episode is finished! But actually it’s not the first but the second episode. I’ve decided to animate the second one because that was more exciting than the first one (the suspense is building in each episode, the 6th one has the climax). So as a series of six the 2nd one is finished and I have the material to start animating the first one.

There were no updates the last couple of months because it got so close to a finished I would give too much away and my animation wouldn’t be a surprise anymore. One thing I’ve learned is to take breaks from your work. This way you don’t lose the big picture and it stays fun. The last three months were busy! I was working everyday on my project and that wasn’t maybe a smart idea because now I’ve seen it too much.

I’ll put the first few seconds of the animation online. But the premiere will be during the Postgraduate Degree Show on Friday 14 August from 6 to 8pm! I still have a few tickets for free for the opening night so if you want a few just email me. After that night the exhibition is open from 15 to 30 August, Monday till Thursday from 10am till 6pm, and on Fridays from 10am till 5pm. Due to personal circumstances I won’t be there during the opening night but I’ll be back the 19th and you could find me at the exhibition, happy to tell some more about the animation.
I’m also selling my DVD for 5 pounds. It has the full animation on it and special features like storyboards, first animation tests and animatics. Just mail me if you would like one or visit the exhibition where you can buy them directly from me.

I’ve been extremely lucky I’ve got so much help from so many people. Many of them weren’t even in the same country but we still managed to collaborate. My voice actors are from England and the composer of the tune is from Holland for example. Without them I wouldn’t have got so far like I am now. I’m really thankful!

Patricia Delso Lucas - Cinematographer & Producer
Jonathan Alan Barraclough - Screenplay
Nikos Karavas - Sound Design & Instrumentation - http://www.nk-sd.com/
Alfons Veldhuis - Composer Tune
Julia Luther - Runner
Bas Hesen - Title animation - http://www.bashesen.blogspot.com/
Andy Macpherson - Colouring Assistant - http://www.armacpherson.blogspot.com/
Maarten Boot - Colouring Assistant -
Steff Lee - Lilly - http://www.stefflee.com/
Rachinta Platts - Mum -

Neil Kempsell
Donald Holwill
Alan mason
Karen O'hare
Kate edmonds
Frank Gresham
Madevi Dailly
Johanna Wagner
Jeremy warder
Yubing WU
Maarten Boot
My Parents
Have Your cake and eat it
21c strathearn road
edinburgh eh9 2ab

I’m proud of what I’ve had accomplished and I definitely learned a lot while making this. It’s a great feeling working with so many people that are enthusiastic too and finding solutions for problems that look impossible to solve. I’m moving back to Holland this September and I’ve got a few next projects in mind so I won’t get bored. That doesn’t mean I won’t go back to Scotland anymore. In fact I’ll be back for the graduation ceremony in November and 2010’s ECA Animation Show. ‘Lilly knows it all’ is part of that show. I’ll keep in touch!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Now with some coloured parts *gasp* Thanx to Andy, a 4th year animation student at ECA

Again it's messing up the whole format, argh!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Final Draft

This is the final draft for my animation. meaning the movement and timing won't change anymore (unless you let me know I've made a terrible mistake :p). Now I can start tracing and colouring it.

Important! I'm still looking for people who can do sound for this (environment, foley etc). If you're interrested or know someone that might be please get in contact with me! n.volbeda@gmail.com

Monday, April 20, 2009


I just wanted to show this test render. It's the proverbs (episode titles) that are shown in the beginning and ending of every episode. Bas Hesen made them in Maya for me and I'm so happy with how they look. It's a Dutch proverb tile and you can read more about the concept here.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Draft 16 April

I still don't know why it's not showing the 16:9 size instead of the 4:3 size, hmmmpfff.

Possible movie posters

I prefer the pigeon one.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


first inked version to check how long it will take me. 25fps